Thursday, July 13, 2006

Express yourself

One thing I have learnt in this is expressing yourself and asking a question when you do not understand something. I do not have to feel like I am stuck in a negative situation if I do not understand something. Fortunately in my work situation I have a network of people, besides my supervisors. There are instances when I felt I needed more guidance from my supervisor and I emailed her to ask her about the problem. There are also instances when I felt I was doing an unreasonable amount of work then I talked to the necessary person and addressed the issue.
After confronting the concerned parties, it did help to gain a better understanding of everyone’s role and how to improve the situation.
If you are having problems in a work situation learn to address it immediately rather than ignore it or internalizing it.

Time management

I have realised that “time management” has become like a buzzword for some of the co-interns. Making time in the workplace is something that I cannot ignore. Since working, I have been able to plan out my time. When having tasks, it’s not easy to do or remember everything. Just the other day I forgot to hand in a certain document to my supervisor.
It sometimes gets terribly frustrating to simply plan your work. In my work situation I am sometimes given tasks at random and that can disturb my time management plan. This is totally unlike at school where I could sit down and lay out my time management plan on paper. However I am learning to prioritise between my tasks. If I am given a task at random, I enquire about how soon I should complete the task.

A sense of responsibility

I have realised that there is so much freedom attached to my work. There is a project I have been working at and with that we have to work independently to complete it. Unlike varsity where the normal procedure would be failing if you do not submit your assignment on time, my work situation gives me plenty of time to work and breathe. Our supervisors are often not in the office but we have their numbers in case we need them. They are always available to talk when I need them. I love the freedom attached to my work .It wouldn’t be nice to have a supervisor watching over your shoulder each time.

While I enjoy the freedom attached to my work, I get to learn to be responsible. I often have to remind myself to be committed and remain motivated towards my work. With the flexibility and time given, it is easy to be demotivated and unfocused. I remember one of the speakers from the WOW training who said always find something to do, if you have nothing to do. So when there is nothing to do or when I am taking breaks from my research I practice my computer skills.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The unit induction

Today, I attended an induction by Taryn for the business unit I work for. I found it very worthy as it answered questions that were really at the back of my mind or never had a chance to ask.
From the induction I now have an overview about where I am and how my unit relates to other unit. Most importantly I now know the definitions of some business unit terms which have been mind boggling for a long time.
I am also happy about the explanation on performance appraisal. This is actually the question I wanted to ask Fiona but never had a chance to. Thank you Taryn for all the informative talk and lunch.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The problem solving skill

I find the problem solving skill I use in the workplace to be a bit similar to the one I used at varsity. The major difference is that I get to deliver my results to a different audience. Like at varsity,in the workplace you also get presented with a problem and a deadline to deliver the results.
I often find myself brainstorming the ideas on piece of paper and writing everything I currently know about the problem. Thereafter, I develop my idea. Sometimes I feel ideas run out too quickly and then other times when one idea comes, then it sparks more ideas.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One other deadline to meet

Another deadline I had to meet is handing out a package to some people and in return I had to get some document. This had to be done within two days and this is the fourth day. It is difficult to trace people.I understand that most people are always busy:attending one meeting after another.I have left voice messages and emailed on several occassions. With only few returning. I have even taken the initiative to walk to their offices. One thing I have learnt is that the harder I try to get the feedback, the more answers I get.I still need to check with Michele if the feedback they give me is the correct one.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Meeting deadlines

For the last three days I have been working on data collecting,capturing and output for Michele Wickham. It was not easy to meet the actual deadline because some people could not give us the actual data on the day we requested it.
What I found most interested about this task is that as you are working, you know when you want to achieve your goal and thus you become more motivated.
I can compare this with one of my previous work experience where I just worked without a deadline to meet. I found the work to be so monotonous and at the end I believe I could have lost my sense of responsibility and the sense of achievement.

During the achievement of our task I must admit I got a little impatient.This is actually one of my weaknesses-getting impatient if things do not go according to plan. But thanks to Michele, she understood that some people will not give us the data right away.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

One suggestion for Wits WOW programme

I know Jean Power asked us a long time ago about our suggestions to improving the Wits WOW programme. But I was just thinking yesterday about how wonderful it would be to have on line blogging from the companies involved. It would be an opportunity for them to talk about their expectations from interns and also share some of their past experiences with regard to interns.
I believe this will help future interns shape their career development .

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Work in recruitment

Part of the job that I do in recruitment is meeting candidates, working on lotus arranging interviews with agencies, candidates and the internal staff. I am loving it because it keeps me on my toes and I get to interact with people.
Today a man from library visited us and I took out a book to read more on human resource.