Monday, February 27, 2006

Stepping into WOW training and internship

I am very fortunate for being accepted to the WOW training and internship. As a postgraduate whose been job hunting, it is a relief to finally be in a programme that is so well- structured and caters for my needs.
The introduction kick started with a serious and welcoming tone. The meeting with Lesley shook me and made me aware of the reality of the program. Although I thought she might have been too serious when asking us for specific times to call us, I was nonetheless pleased with the level of professionalisms and the fact that we will be getting honest feedback.

As someone whose been trying to get into the job market, I cannot emphasise the importance of getting feedback from potential job providers. By discussing the job seeker’s strengths and weaknesses, will help in improving their job-hunting skills.

Having been through the introduction, I find myself anticipating with anxiety each day. I am conscious of the shift to a new schedule. Each day I get concerned about my potential host organisation, the nature of work I will be given and whether my performance will meet my employer’s expectations. I often wonder about whether the organisational culture will be stimulating enough for an intern. It is a known fact that organisations differ in terms of rules, procedures, objectives etc. As a potential intern, I would have to comply with those restricted regulations.
I have already come into terms with maintaining a good attitude, appearance, ethics and be complying with the internship expectations. While at the same time I am aiming to be responsible and committed to the training and internship experience.


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Hullo Mpho...

Congrats on starting your blog. I'm looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

Please add some posts to your blog about your field of expertise.

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