Monday, March 27, 2006


Throughout Marius Venter's presentation, I asked myself the question of whether I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The reason being that I have always viewed entrepreurship to be a difficult undertaking as it involves risk taking. I have also seen many businesses fail because of missing some of the characteristics I have learnt today.
From I learnt of the difference between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. The first kind involves operating from within the organisation ,with already available resource with the motive of making more savings for the organisation. While the entrepreneuship is working outside organisation with limited/no resources and as acoording to Marius, with the motive of profit-making.

Today I have learnt the importance of working on developing to be an entrepreneurship. I know I might have the passion and creativity to develop a consulting business in future but I need to add to these values. I have to see that my business has a vision for the future and survival, consider the risks I will be taking, network with more people, plan my business with an advisor and use my communication and networking skills.
Moreover, as Shameen Naidu said in order for one to be successful you need emotional intelligence. I need to work on handling my stress, emotions and arguements that may occur within my business in future. I believe that this would start by being exposed to an organisational context and from that I will be able to learn and develop.


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