Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lessons on stress management and customer service

Firstly I would like to thank Shammen Naidu for highlighting the importance of adopting healthy techniques as a manner of dealing with stress. As people we sometimes fall into bad habits such as drinking, drugs and bad eating as a manner of dealing with stress because they offer immediate reaction and are simple. As much as I will be practising the healthy stress management techniques (talking to people, positive thinking, assertiveness, mediation, healthy eating and exercise) I will be also dessimating the message to people around me.

I also learnt a lot from Aki Kalliatakis's lively presentation on the evolution of customer care.I will remember that it is the way a company treat its customers that determines whether they will come back. The most important lessons I am taking with is that when a company's delivery is more than the customer's expectations then you get delighted customers, when the company's delivery is equal to the customer's expectations then you get satisfied customers while when the delivery is less than the expectations then you get unhappy customers.
I believe that if a company is striving to produce quality products, it should also strive to produce quality service. It is the little things that counts when we become associated to a company.


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