Thursday, March 16, 2006

The missing pieces of my job-hunting puzzle

Before being motivated by Tina Thomson's presentation, I used to be confused as to why I never secured a job for myself. I had a very low self esteem, lacked enthusiasm and dreaded going to anymore interviews. The whole thing of listening to tips of job hunting just didn't work.

But now, I have found two pieces to fill in my job-hunting puzzle and they are resilience and a positive attitude. Tina mentioned that a workplace is guaranteed of chaos and that you need the two values to put up with the compressing work situations. From my experience with the interviews is that they can be not what you expect them to be or have prepared them to be. I now know that it does not take you wearing an impressive suit, having a prestigious educational history or having all the necessary experience, what is important is leaving a good impression that you are enthusiastic and optimistic. Afterall it all makes sense that no employer can hire a non-assertive and gloomy- looking person. I read somewhere in the Star 2003 an article,"Secretaries: the new management" and in this article it said that in today's century the question is no longer about who is the boss but who has what it takes to be a boss and that is a positive attitude.
I am now looking forward to my next interview and that is to leave a positive impression, well spoken words and effective non-verbal communication (that say I am enthusiastic). While at the same time I will remember to practice those tools of resilience when going to an interview or in a work situation.

I was further motivated by what Michele Buthelezi and the two past interns said as they also emphasised on those two pieces- resilience and a positive attitude.


Blogger Lebohang said...

I believe resilisnce and positive attitude are the best tools to tackle interviews. There is still more to come my sister. If you look at your programme timetable, you will see that interview skills presentation is on the list. Hopefully after the presentation you will be more confident to face interview panel. The combination of all will help you land that job you have been dreaming of. Good luck.

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