Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My eye on business

I think it was imperative that the programme also include soci-economic issues. As someone who plans to have a management consulting business in the next few years, I found the presentations on corporate citizenship, Nepad as well as competition, collaboration and cooperation very useful.

Thanks to Paul Kapelus I now know the rationale on why companies exists. A company should not only concerntrate on profit-making but should add value- meaning to the people/society it operates upon. I believe job creation projects and support for entrepreneurial small businesses feature prominently in corporate social investment. Through my future business endevours I will always remember to invest and connect with a company that adds value to society and has a future-oriented vision.

Josie Rowe-Setz enriching presentation was an eye-opener as I can now see my potential business in clusters.Through my management consultant business I can see other sectors (clusters) forming such as financial, marketing, communication, office automation, teaching and development. This would also mean job creation.

I agree with Peter Metcalfe that it is sad that there is a misperception/misuse of the meaning of Nepad and BEE. I believe as a prospective entrepreneur I will perhaps add value in creating wealth (employment) and along the way eradicating poverty.


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