Friday, March 31, 2006

The reasons why I went into the social sciences

I did my studies from the humanities because my intention was to work with people, I was also curious about people's differences and their general well-being.At the same time I also enjoy helping out in the community wherever I can.

Yesterday I was humbled to be in the presence of Ghadija Vallie. I was greatly inspired by her as she gave me a different outlook in doing community service. I believe that most importantly she instilled very good values which motivated to have a good vision, be creative and have the ability to recognise opportunities. I know that before, when I saw a social problem I always depended on financial and professional help. But she has helped me to look beyond that as she shared some of her touching experiences as a human activist.

Today I was pleased to find out more about the organisation, Independent Development Trust. I have always wanted to work in an organisation that focuses on community development and poverty alleviation while at the same time work with people in fields like HR.
Audrey and Bertra's presentation was very informative as they addressed clearly their mission and modus operandi of the organisation.


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