Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thee intelligence for social science students

I often find myself distrurbed by society's pre-conceived view and that is people who take career paths in the lines of humanities and social science do not have a mental ability. Ofcourse it did not make sense because when faced with a problem a psychologist, sociologist, social anthropologist, economist and politician can reason, make a decision and in the process act effectively from their own perspective.
ShameenNaidu mentioned that successful people get to where they are because of emotional intelligence. It was afterall emotional intelligence which helped Patricia Gallup launch and grow a computer firm with just a degree in anthropology. She was always open with her staff and had the ability to communicate. I read from http//, that most successful US Navy leaders were more warmer, outgoing, emotionally expressive, dramatic and sociable.
If I further think of students from the prestigious engineering, life science or commerce I can observe that they also need "thee intelligence " to get along around campus and life.They too need to be aware of their feelings (why are they stressed before an exam), know how to manage emotions (deal with their stress), have the ability to persist in the face of setback (to go on if they fail) and be able to sense what others are feeling (know how their mate feel if they do not do well) and handle their emotions.
The ingredients for success is ofcourse 67% of thee emotional intelligence and 23% academic intelligence.


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