Thursday, March 16, 2006

There is no I in we

I liked the way Brad Arden used the phrase," there is no I in we". I have always been pro-teaming and team work and his presentation accentuated my liking and knowledge for team work.
I found that in the different presentations I had to do for postgraduate, it was easier and faster to come to come-up with an idea when I was in a team of 4/5 than when I was alone. This could be attributed to the fact that people share their different abilities when in a team and thus increase productivity.I also found that the more diverse the team, there more it was easier to tackle the task at hand.
I also often found myself to be more committed to a task when I was in a team than when I was alone.
I also believe that teamwork can make one feel more motivated and confident because you know that no matter what you come up with, has a backing of different expertise.
Another thing I enjoyed about working in teams is that it improves communication and thus your mind becomes stimulated to more ideas. When working alone I had more of an internal communication and it did not help to make me resourceful.


Blogger Celeste said...

Hi Mpho

This is just a quick agreement with what you said about Roy's comments at the end of his seminar. Like you I also believe that one should behave in a certain manner when starting off in the world of work. I'm not saying don't be yourself, but rather approach your inteviewer or employer in a way that will impress them, and at the same time not undermine you. Thanks for that Mpho. Celeste

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