Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Involved in other tasks

I am enjoying my work so far because besides being involved in the project at hand I am also learning other skills in the human resource area.
Two friendly ladies Natasha and Sina have been teaching us on how to handle and process personnel information using a computer programme.
I am using my sense of responsibility and being tactful at the same. It is essential to be careful when handling people's or applicant's information, especially when giving them feedback.

The task at hand

For the past two days I have been caught up in applying my new learnt skills and computer programmes. The project requires good management tools and a lot of discipline. It might seem that there is a lot of time at hand but I know when I meet with Fiona next week, I must be up to date and have valuable ideas to apply to the project.
It also comes down to what I learnt about being involved in a project from Mr Orlin at the Constitution Hill. He mentioned that when working on a project you have to make sure that money, time and funtional performance balance each other.
As it is I am working on applying my knowledge , skills and tools to meet the requirements of the project.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Already in the world of work

Wow, It's so hard to believe that I am already in the world of work. Celeste and I thought we were just going for our interview and little did we know that we were going to start working.Our first day was fabulous. We got a helpful and friendly induction from Fiona.Thanks to her, she made me feel at ease and I can find myself around the building.Also, we are already working on this exciting project.The pleasure and challenge here is that I now have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and theoretical framework into real life work.

Friday, April 07, 2006


As someone who is beginning to enter into the job market, I believe it was worthy to get a lesson on remuneration and I believe some employers can take an advantage of this .Bonita's presentation taught me what benefits I could expect, when to ask for money- and that is from adverts and before an interview. She made it clear that you can get different options for your benefits in a company but ofcourse that depends on a company's structure. It is also important to clarify with the line manager on the company's performance management and remuneration policy before entering a job. This includes clarifying on what my expectations are and what I want to achieve.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Time management

The exercise I did on time management in Janet's presentation showed that I am generally in control of my time and also occasionally pressurised. I believe that socially I am the worst time- keeper. I am unpopularly known to postpone appointments at the last minute and to be full of excuses for not turning up. At varsity I was seldom late for my lectures and was often up to date with assignments.

It is also known that one needs to have a balanced social life and working life. I cannot be a good time keeper in one thing only.

Thus I believe there's still a way to go for me to maximise my effectiveness with time. I still need to learn to prioritise between my work and social life. I must learn to see which aspects have a long range of importance and which ones have short-range urgency.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fitting in the world of work

I think the two speakers Kuseni Dlamini and Tracey Rowe touched on a very important issue which is the changing world of of work. Kuseni mentioned that the process of globalisation is at the heart of of current business trends and that one needs to appreciate the elements of change and continuity. Tracey on the other hand mentioned that the underlying philosophy of work has not changed but there are few changes with regard to new breed of employers and employees, there is the trend of job hopping rather than sticking to one job for life and success is determined by how you market your skills.

The most important lessons I am taking with from these presentations is that firstly, I have to be myself in a workplace. I know I have a dream and thus it is important to leave up to my dream.Secondly, I should have a good and respecful conduct.I think this applies to what Tina Thompson said about having a positive attitude and what Shameen said about emotional intelligence. I know a workplace is guaranteed of chaos so I want to handle my frustrations, stressors and emotions in a dignified manner. Moreover it is important to keep looking for opportunities while at the same time learning from my mistakes.

Going deeper into entrepreneurship

Last week I learnt about the qualities of an entrepreneur and today Andrew Hofmeyer gave me another way of looking at business implementation. I have learnt to determine the viable and non-viable opportunities by following these steps:

  1. Identify the business opportunity, by looking at the supply side: my skills,experience, strengths and demand side: the need from the market of the service or goods I wish to serve or produce.
  2. Assess my opportunity by looking into my financial need, resources available, if the business is already existing and other barriers to entry.
  3. Evaluate the viable opportunity by comparing between opportunities.
  4. Plan to implement the opportunity.
  5. This will be the step where I implement my business.
  6. Track.
  7. Assess and measure the success or weakness of my business.