Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fitting in the world of work

I think the two speakers Kuseni Dlamini and Tracey Rowe touched on a very important issue which is the changing world of of work. Kuseni mentioned that the process of globalisation is at the heart of of current business trends and that one needs to appreciate the elements of change and continuity. Tracey on the other hand mentioned that the underlying philosophy of work has not changed but there are few changes with regard to new breed of employers and employees, there is the trend of job hopping rather than sticking to one job for life and success is determined by how you market your skills.

The most important lessons I am taking with from these presentations is that firstly, I have to be myself in a workplace. I know I have a dream and thus it is important to leave up to my dream.Secondly, I should have a good and respecful conduct.I think this applies to what Tina Thompson said about having a positive attitude and what Shameen said about emotional intelligence. I know a workplace is guaranteed of chaos so I want to handle my frustrations, stressors and emotions in a dignified manner. Moreover it is important to keep looking for opportunities while at the same time learning from my mistakes.


Blogger Cyrille Mutombo said...

Bonjour Mpho,
Fitting in this changing world is something we all have to consider otherwise one will easily be sidelined.
All the best,

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