Friday, June 02, 2006

The unit induction

Today, I attended an induction by Taryn for the business unit I work for. I found it very worthy as it answered questions that were really at the back of my mind or never had a chance to ask.
From the induction I now have an overview about where I am and how my unit relates to other unit. Most importantly I now know the definitions of some business unit terms which have been mind boggling for a long time.
I am also happy about the explanation on performance appraisal. This is actually the question I wanted to ask Fiona but never had a chance to. Thank you Taryn for all the informative talk and lunch.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The problem solving skill

I find the problem solving skill I use in the workplace to be a bit similar to the one I used at varsity. The major difference is that I get to deliver my results to a different audience. Like at varsity,in the workplace you also get presented with a problem and a deadline to deliver the results.
I often find myself brainstorming the ideas on piece of paper and writing everything I currently know about the problem. Thereafter, I develop my idea. Sometimes I feel ideas run out too quickly and then other times when one idea comes, then it sparks more ideas.